9th Asian Age Group Championships, 2017 – Results

On 8-16 September 2017, around 30 Asian National Federations consisting of more than1000 athletes, officials, delegates and guests have participated in the 9th Asian Age Group Championships in Tashkent City, Uzbekistan. In cooperation with the national government of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Sports and Culture and the Uzbekistan Swimming Federation, the events were successfully held with the results and information being as follows:


The Swimming Competitions for 9th Asian Age Group Swimming Championships, 2017 ended with a great success. A total 365 athletes from 24 national federations took part in the said Championships. Bagging 61 gold, 22 silver and 8 bronze medals, Japan snatched the first place in overall ranking while the host country, Uzbekistan, was placed 2nd in rank with 13 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze medals, followed by Swimmers of Thailand in 3rd place garnering a total number 12 gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze medals. On the other hand, 21 new records (10 men, 9 women, 2 mixed) were made during the entire span of the competitions.

This event has been approved for the FINA “A” and “B” Swimming Qualifying Standard Times for the 3rd Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires 2018.


A total of 73 divers from 9 Asian countries participated in the 9th Asian Age Group Championships (diving competition) which was held in Aquatics Sports Palace “Saxovat” from 8-11 September 2017. Of all the teams who aimed for the gold, the divers from China were hailed victorious sweeping the first ranks in all categories followed by Japan who gained most of the silver medals.

Artistic Swimming

7 Asian Countries have participated in the Artistic Swimming Competitions (formerly, Synchronised Swimming) with a total of 101 athletes who gracefully showed their skills and ability to compete for the top three sports. Overall, Kazakhstan, Japan, Uzbekistan and China have garnered most medals for all the events respectively.

Water Polo

During the 9th Asian Age Group Championships, five men’s and four women’s teams competed in the seven-day Water Polo competition from 9-15 September 2017. The water polo competition was a qualification tournament for the 2018 Youth Water Polo Championships which will be held in Hungary and Serbia wherein 3 men and 2 women teams will represent the Asian continent. In the end, out of all the teams, Japan (Men) and Kazakhstan (Women) have snatched the first place followed by China (Men), Uzbekistan (Women) in the second place and Uzbekistan (Men) and China (Women) in the third place.